Mandeville Oil Smell In Air

  • Location Mandeville, LA
  • Date May 12 2010
  • Time 08:54
  • Category Air Quality   
  • Incident Incident
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Incident Report Description

Earliest oil/petroleum smell occurance Thurs 4/29, again Fri 5/7, very noticible when winds are southeasterly. Burning eyes & throat, headaches, nausea...just plain bad stuff for all creatures land, sea & air! I'm gonna need my Katrina mask when I go outside.
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natasha (May 13 2010)

I live in Mandeville , Louisiana . I can tell you that every breeze from the Pass Rigolets and the Mississippi Sound has carried the unhealthy stench of burnt petroleum fumes to the areas North of Lake Ponchatrain . We in Louisiana feel sick and spiritually disgusted by this toxic stench and need to be compensated by the oil production and explortion contractors like allegedly speaking , Halliburton as well as the Management of BP 's Texas Command and Response HQ . The stench is so pervasive and potent that one cannot smell the late spring blossums of vines such as Jasmine and soon to bloom Gardinia bushes and Magnolia blossums . It is sickening . Not one crooked elected official or representative is doing anything constructive or severely punative regarding BP's and the allegedly guilty contractors' responsibility to pay monetarily for this disaster and negligent national regional diaster . This is obviously owing to the bribes and financial influence pedaling of the domestic , international, and multinational petro-industry's lobby recieved or percieved to be pending by those same lame elected officials and representatives of the USA . Louisiana is in dire straits as that river of crude oil is going to stick with its intricate coastal marshland and beach contours from Texas to Mississippi . It looks like Louisiana is going to get a toxic shellacing by BP 's negligent management and oversight . One drastic resort Louisianians could begin to fathom is to cede its state to a new foreign national patron, like China . China could clean up that mess and manage its resources with more integrity than the present errand boys and errand girls misleading and misrepresenting Louisiana's property and land holders .

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