Oil reported on the beach, Waveland, Mississippi

  • Location Waveland, Mississippi
  • Date May 18 2010
  • Time 09:59
  • Category Oil on Land   
  • Incident Incident
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Incident Report Description

Oil appears to be washing up on the beach in Waveland, Mississippi. Photos on web site of the local bi-weekly newspaper.
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Stephen Vizzini (May 19 2010)

More details today at "Over the past three or four days, we have been finding quite a bit of stuff," Hancock County Emergency Operations Director Brian "Hootie" Adam said Tuesday. Officials have recovered several tar balls, caramel-colored and black oily substances, oil-covered bird feathers, and possible pieces of the Deepwater Horizon rig itself. Tar balls were found on the beach near the Garfield Ladner Pier in Waveland on Saturday. On Sunday, a different substance was found near Nicholson Avenue in Waveland. The caramel-colored oily substance was reported by a person walking on the beach who discovered a silver dollar-sized clump of it sitting on the shoreline. Dozens of smaller clumps or droplets dotted the beach. It was thick, gooey, and smelled much like motor-oil. On Monday, officials from U.S. Environmental Services found oil on an absorbent pads in Clermont Harbor. More tar balls were found in front of Christ Episcopal and a large blob of black, oily substance was discovered too. The blob was about a foot in length and about six inches long. Oil-covered bird feathers were found along the beach in Waveland and dozens of dead fish are washing up onshore.

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RedKnight (May 25 2010)

We walked along the beach just outside of the Silver Slipper Casino area and saw many dead fish, 2 cats and at least 5 trout and a quite large fish we could not identify. In addition we saw upwards of 20 dead baby crabs spread out along the beach. we were not able to locate any tar balls or residues of any type.

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