flat tar ,oily bubbles with rainbows

  • Location freeport texas
  • Date May 28 2010
  • Time 10:00
  • Category Oil in the Water   
  • Incident Incident
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the oil has been photographed in quintana beach looks like no surfing this summer no oysters
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Jackson Myers (Jun 2 2010)

Is there any other explanation of these bubbles besides oil from the Deepwater Horizon well? I surf at Surfside Beach fairly regularly and I haven't seen anything that looked like oil.

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JCK (Jun 8 2010)

Not oil from DH. I was down there 2 days after this photo was taken and spent hours in the water. Didn't see a thing.

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Kim (Jun 8 2010)

I was at Quintana beach on 05/30/2010. I didnt see anything. As far as I saw the beach was fine.

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maggie (Jun 22 2010)

I live there and there is no oil in the water anywhere along this area...quintana, surfside and freeport are all clean.

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Scooter (Jun 27 2010)

I hadn't heard of any reports in Texas thus far but is not beyond all possibilities. That might be the red/brown clay that appears in the sea foam here sometimes. Words can not express the anger I hold on this entire catastrophe. I've been down with a back injury for 2 years from a surfing accident, and the whole two years the only thing that has been itching in my mind is I can not wait to get back in the water and hit the waves. Now that I can FINALLY get my back fixed up, and will be able to do physical activities like surfing again, now I will find my self with no ocean to ride. My focus now is if anything shows up to volunteer as much as I can to help wipe BPs @$$ off our beaches. It will take years and years, and riding waves was my own personal therapy to deal with this world. So what this BS has taken from me is far beyond just personal, its taken my sanity. If it is here for sure, I will 100% dedicated to volunteering my time for the clean up. BP can kiss my @$$ and I hope they all burn in hell for what they have taken away from Hundreds of thousands/Millions of lives along the gulf coast and mother natures gifts of beautiful sea going creatures. The worlds oceans is the only reason the planet can maintain its balance, and I will not hold back my feelings of hate for the people who cause things like this by ignoring failed inspections and not picking up their slack. They should be hung for dead. Despite my feelings, I will be here to help clean Texas up because hate for the people who caused this by neglecting inspections, will not get things right and will not influence me to do nothing about it, or be part of cleaning up this catastrophe. I will be there when the public is called upon. Rot in hell BP. For all who feel the effects, my prayers and thoughts are with you, Texas could very well be next, and its killing me.

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