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Oil slick seen reaching shore near beach in front of Sapphire, SPI, TX

Oil can clearly be seen in the gulf with slicks now reaching the shore. I have not seen anything about this in the news and have no idea where the source...

Pensacola Beach Florida-tarballs along shoreline

NRC 1114020 Pensacola Beach, Florida, by the pier, also known as Casino Beach. A survey was performed along the shoreline, scooping out shell hash from...
Pensacola Beach Blvd and Gulf of Mexico

Gulf Shores AL, at Ft Morgan on Mobile Bay

NRC 11112931 Larger tar balls that appear they could be breaking off a mat in Mobile Bay were found in the swash zone, on the beach and dry sand. Tar...
Ft Morgan, N side on Bay by boat launch

Gulf Shores Alabama at 12th street access

NRC 1112933 Several tar balls were observed along this busy stretch of beach. Other pollution was removed too- including balloons, beer cans, cigarette...
W. Beach Blvd and W 12th street

Dune Allen Beach, Florida-tarballs found along wrack line

NRC 1109335 During a UV light oil pollution survey, tar balls were found in the wrack line. Under the VERTEK Lo-voltage Ultra Violet Oil Fluorescing...
West of Dune Allen Beach Access and 30A

Tarballs washing up along Walton County beaches, Florida

NRC 1109273 Tarballs were found near Beach Access 44 in Santa Rosa Beach Florida, located in South Walton County. These tar balls were washing in along...
Hwy30A and Beach Access 44

Tarballs on Santa Rosa Beach Florida

NRC 1107951 Tarballs were in the wrack line during sunset tonight. They were brown/rust in color. There was also peat, bark, rocks, and other dark colored...
Highway 30A Access 44

Cancun/Yucatan Peninsula

Large miles long oil slicks spotted from 10,000ft-35,000ft adrift ij currents near shore and off shore between Mexico/Cuba. Many slicks clumped together...

Tarballs found along Sandestin Florida

NRC 1099153 Seventeen tar balls were found along Miramar Beach this afternoon. Five were found by the Hilton hotel at Sandestin, and the other twelve...
Sandestin Blvd and Gulf of Mexico

Blue Mountain Beach Florida impacted with tar balls

NRC 1099017 Along a favorite surfing spot in South Walton County, tar balls were found in the swash zone of Blue Mtn. Beach this morning. A plunge step...
Blue Mountain Road and Hwy 83 beach access

Tar balls found on Seaside Florida beaches

NRC 1098878 Tarballs were found in the upper wrack line, amongst tire tracks on the beach this morning. Storms from last week had packed the sand and...
Highway 30A near Tupelo St

Tarballs found along Seagrove Beach Florida

NRC 1098869 Several tar balls were found on the beach this morning. From appearance they seem to be related to the BP DWH disaster. Since they did not...
Highway 30A and Crosswalk 14

Tarballs on Santa Rosa Beach FL

NRC 1098837 Approximately 30 tar balls were found on the beach tonight during sunset. Two fishermen were out along with several dogs and owners, and...
Highway 30A and Beach Access 43

Tarballs along Santa Rosa Beach Florida

NRC 1098837 Approximately 30 tar balls were found on the beach tonight during sunset. Two fishermen were out along with several dogs with their owners...
Hwy30A and Beach Access 43

Gulf Shores AL 13th st. beach access

NRC 1097557 Tarballs were found along the wrack line and in the water just East of the 13th street boardwalk access along West Beach Blvd. There were...
W. Beach Blvd and 13th street access

Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge, AL

NRC 1097546 Dozens of tar balls were located along the wrack line of the Gulf. Seashells had tar on them too. This portion of Alabama continues to show...
End of Mobile Street off 180 at Bon Secour

Johnson Beach FL (Perdido Key)

NRC 1097525 After Crosswalk J, Tarballs were found along the wrack line at Johnson Beach which is located on Perdido Key Florida. This part of Ft Mcrae...
Perdido Key Florida at Johnson Beach

W. Pensacola Beach FL

NRC 1097443 Found at crosswalk 1, by the Pavilions at the Ft. Pickens entrance, tar balls were in the water and scattered along the wrack line. Some...
Ft. Pickens Road at Pavillions

Near Ranger Station, Ft. Pickens Park FL

NRC 1097463 Tarballs were found just W. of the 2nd parking lot in Ft. Pickens, and just E. of the Ranger Station along the Gulf. There were about 44 tar...
Inside Ft. Pickens Park FL

Ft. Pickens Park, Pensacola FL

NRC 1097451 Located at the first parking lot inside the gates of Ft. Pickens, tar balls were found immediately after walking down to the Gulf. Gulf...
1st Parking lot in Ft. Pickens park