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Oil found again during Great Backyard Bird Counts in FL

NRC 1038701 Tarballs were found in a concentrated area by Beach Access 44 just west of Oyster Lake. Shorebirds were present as many are preparing for...
Santa Rosa Beach Florida along 30-A

Oil found during Great Backyard Bird Counts in FL

NRC 1038666 18 pieces of oil were found where shorebirds were eating along the beach this morning. There has been chronic oil washing in by Dune Allen...
Gulf of Mexico and Dune Allen Access

Chronic oil pollution washing onto Miramar Beach

NRC 1037438 Tarballs were on this stretch of beach, a sea turtle nesting area by Four Mile Village, just west of Topsail State Park. Shorebirds were eating...
Village Beach Rd W and Gulf of Mexico

Florida Panhandle, Miramar Beach-persistent tarballs

NRC 1036831 Tarballs were found this morning along the wrack line of the beach. This has been a persistent area of recent oiling. Why is this significant?...
Gulf of Mexico and Sandestin Blvd

Chronic OIl found near Topsail State Park, Access 44

NRC 1036891 Pieces of tar were found along the upper and lower wrack lines on the beach tonight during sunset. This is by rare coastal dune lake, Stallworth,...
30-A and Stallworth Lake

More oil impact along FL panhandle, Miramar Beach

NRC 1036743 Several dozen pieces of tar were mingled with shells along the wrack line by the Hilton Hotel. This was along a small stretch of the beach....
Hilton Hotel area

Panama City Beach FL tar balls

Pieces of oil were washing in at Panama City Beach Access 64, by the Holiday Inn and BeachComber. This is West of the Pier Park Public Pier. Lo-Voltage...
Front Beach Rd/79

Stallworth Preserve-Santa Rosa Beach FL

NRC 1034771 Tarballs, almost too numerous to count, were washing ashore along this stretch of beach. Over 50 were documented in less than 5 minutes. This...
Stallworth Blvd, Beach Access 44

Tarballs washing in along Miramar Beach Florida

Tarballs from the BP disaster are still washing up on Florida panhandle beaches along the Gulf of Mexico. This beautiful stretch of Miramar Beach was...
Four Mile Village and Sandestin

Santa Rosa Beach Florida- Stallworth Preserve area

Tarballs were along the wrack line tonight at Stallworth Preserve. The oil was brown with a slight rust hue. This is typical of MC252 oil. Seas were beginning...
Beach Access 44

Panama City Beach, Florida tar balls

During low tide on 12-14-12, brown tar balls were on the beach. Just east of Beach Access 64, there were darker tar balls mixed in the wrack line too....
Beach Access 64

Tar Balls-Miramar Beach, Florida

There were about 40 tarballs washing ashore and laying on the beach this afternoon.The brown tarballs ranged in size from 1-5 cm. Some of them were...
Sandestin and S. of Village Beach Rd.

Miramar Beach Florida, pieces of tar along shoreline

Tarballs were washing in again this afternoon. Many shorebirds and other marine life were in the Gulf area as well. All of this persistent oil is of concern,...
Four Mile at Village Beach Road E.

Sandestin-Miramar Beach Florida, tarballs

Tarballs were washing in along the beach this morning. There were shorebirds, pelicans, sea ducks, small fish, coquinas and jelly fish in the area too....
Sandestin Resort-by Southwinds III

Santa Rosa Beach Florida- Stallworth Preserve area

This stretch of beach is of interest due to the fact it has had persistent oil washing in for over 2 1/2 years. The tarballs were brown, most were 2-3...
Gulf of Mexico and Stallworth Blvd.

Tarballs at Seaside FL

Dozens of Tarballs were in the swash zone along Beach Access 27-29. There was peat washing in and the usual bark and other organic types of beach materials...
Hwy. 395 and 30-A

Stallworth Preserve-Santa Rosa Beach FL

While re-visiting the scene of NRC 1031811 (the morning after the report) tarballs were still washing onto this stretch of beach. Thankfully the USCG...
Stallworth Blvd and Gulf of Mexico

Tarballs scattered along wrack line-FL- E. of Destin

On the very day that BP settled with the DOJ, oil was still washing ashore in the Florida panhandle. Dogs, a ray, seagulls and a blue heron were at this...
Stallworth Blvd and Gulf of Mexico

Tarballs and oily sand along 30-A in FL

During sunset, tarballs were washing ashore. Also present were the familiar clumps of possibly oily sand. This sand was being washed onto the shoreline...
Stallworth Blvd and the Gulf of Mexico

Piles of possible oily sand deposits, Miramar Bch FL

Clumps of oily debris wash ashore during high wind/wave event along Sandestin Resort. This material is similar to what was found in February-June 2011,...
Sandestin Blvd and Gulf of Mexico