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Sandestin Florida and 4 Mile Village

NRC 1074674 Tarballs were found in the tide pools at Sandestin, located in Miramar Beach Florida. To the East, pieces of tar were found in an important...
Sandestin and Village Bch Rd W

Seaside Florida- Tarballs on beach

NRC 1074300 38 pieces of tar were along the middle- wrack line area of the beach. Must say I was surprised to find that MC252 is persisting in the eastern...
Hwy30A at Seaside

Sandestin Florida

NRC 1074278 We still continue to have oil impacts along the FL panhandle. Please understand not only do we have families on these world class beaches,...
Sandestin Blvd and Gulf of Mexico

Santa Rosa Beach Florida- Stallworth Preserve

NRC 1074191 During sunset, pieces of oil were washed up on the beach. Some was above the wrack line, in the dry sand. There were several pieces of tar...
Stallworth Blvd and Gulf of Mexico

Tarballs along Miramar Beach Florida

NRC 1066348 Twenty-three tar balls were collected off the beach this morning. They are brown in color and up to 4 cm in size. This pollution was sitting...
Sandestin and Gulf of Mexico

Tarballs on beach at Access 43 Santa Rosa Beach FL

NRC 1066219 Dozens of tar balls were on the beach just west of another rare coastal dune lake, at the Oyster Lake outflow into the Gulf. These tar balls...
Dune Allen Access 43 on 30a

Santa Rosa Beach Florida -Access 44

NRC 1066201 The beach near the rare coastal dune lake, Stallworth, is continuing to have impacts from the BP DWH oil disaster. This morning larger pieces...
Stallworth Blvd and Gulf of Mexico

Tarballs along Sandestin Florida

NRC 1066281 Tarballs were found along the western portion of Sandestin resort and by Gulf Pines subdivision. This area has had chronic oil impacts since...
Beach Club Drive and Gulf of Mexico

Seaside Florida Tarballs on beach

NRC 1065868 Tarballs were along the wrack line during this windy and high wave morning. Surfers, shorebirds and seagulls were also enjoying this stretch...
Seaside and 30-A0

TIdepools contain tarballs in Santa Rosa Beach FL

NRC 1065792 During sunset, tar balls were floating in the tide pools along the Gulf of Mexico. This is an area of persistent oiling in Walton County Florida....
Stallworth Blvd, Beach Access 44

Follow up to Response to tar balls: Santa Rosa Beach FL

On Wednesday, 13 November, returned to Stallworth, Beach Access 44 in Santa Rosa Beach. The high winds had covered up most of the oil/tarball debris from...
Stallworth Blvd, Beach Access 44

Tarballs along Santa Rosa Beach Florida

NRC 1065591 Two dozen tar balls were scattered along the shell hash in the upper wrack line this evening. Peat, bark, pods, rocks and wood were also in...
Stallworth Blvd and Gulf of Mexico

Huge Tar ball and tar formation on Pensacola Beach

At about 3:00 PM on Sunday, Nov. 10 my husband and I came across a huge tar "ball" on the shore directly in front of the Ranger Station inside the Gulf...
Pensacola Beach, FL (Gulf Islands National Seashore)

NRC filed for Santa Rosa Beach FL

NRC 1064149 A dozen tar balls were found along the beach to the East of the outflow of Stallworth Lake into the Gulf of Mexico. Many shorebirds were in...
Stallworth Blvd and Gulf of Mexico

Tarballs found by Sandestin FL

NRC 1064018 Persistent Pollution from BP DWH disaster still impacting Florida panhandle beaches. 16 tar balls were found along the beach this morning....
E Sandestin towards Topsail Park

During Follow up NRC 1063810, additional tar balls found

USCG responds to report of oil pollution washing onto Santa Rosa Beach Florida, Access 44. Coasties thoroughly investigate the shoreline up into the toe...
Santa Rosa Beach/Stallworth Preserve and Gulf of Mexico

Tarballs by Stallworth Lake Outflow- Santa Rosa Beach FL

NRC 1063810 Chronic Oilspill Pollution impacting Stallworth Lake Outflow area. 22 tar balls were littering this area. 10 of them were removed from wrack...
Santa Rosa Beach/Stallworth Preserve and Gulf of Mexico

Significant Tarmat: Seacrest Beach

Before rough surf broke it up some, very large tarmat present on Seacrest Beach. Tarballs washing up frequently. Water discolored from the tar/oil being...

Malaquite Beach, Corpus Christi Texas

August 17, 2013 We took my family to the beach and there was oil everywhere in the water. When my kids got out of the water they were covered in oil....

Sand Island Tar Balls

Numerous tar balls found along the eastern shore of Sand Island Pensacola Fl.
Pensacola, FL